Gambling: Origin and Types



Every activity must have started somehow and somewhere and this is applicable to gambling as well. While various studies and research into the past have shown that gambling started as early as life itself, it is hard to pinpoint the very first time it occurred. It was also recorded that they could go to places to gamble far back as it ever began and while this went on, it allowed strangers to chat and it improved communication skills; though those places were also known to have reckless activities going on and a bad reputation.

The origin of gambling can be traced back to the Greek mythology in the division of the Universe; Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon did this by playing “Throw the dice”. Particularly, the use of dice can be dated back to around 40,000 years and dice games have been in existence since then. Being able to throw a double six in a dice game might seem lucky but it was called the “Throw of Aphrodite” and it usually marked the end of the game and signified victory.

Locations and Origination


China: Going back as far as 2300bc, the Chinese have always been known to be very interested in gambling and this they did by using tiles in a game of chance. It was also reported that funds gotten from the lottery were used for some projects including building the Great Wall of China and this has continued up to this moment even in other parts of the world.

Greece and Rome: Apart from the myth describing the creation of the Universe, Greeks were also known to find playing a game of dice fascinating. At about 500bc, a Greek poet made mention of the occurrence and the use of dice; this went on and became popular amongst Greeks and they turned out to gamble on almost anything that came their way.

Italy and France: A particular game that did exist long ago as far back as the 1400s is a two-player game of Baccarat. It became obvious when the game migrated from Italy to France and up to date, the game has taken up various forms and versions and is still very much played and loved in casinos.

Other places around the world also had stints of gambling’s origination; and it can be said that whatever initiated it, must have been a result of the zeal to try out something new.

Types of Gambling


There are various ways and forms of gambling and some are more popular than the other and while these types have their varying odds and similitude in their chances of winning; some others are different. Below are some types of gambling:

  1. Casino gambling: This is very much the most popular type of gambling as it makes up part of the revenue of China. It has even been made legal in some countries but then it doesn’t come without debate and objections as some people feel it is harmful while others see it as being a harmless setting; offering good activities. In the casino, various games can be played and it comes with its own rules. We have:

Card games: They can be any of these and more; Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Spades, Hearts, and casino war. Most times, players play against the house.

Dice games: The end result is decided by the outcome of throwing the dice which might appear as luck.

Gambling machines: Slot machines have their outcome decided once the player hits the spin button.

  • Sports betting: Another type of gambling that has also settled very well is sports betting. While it generates a lot of money as recorded by the American Gaming Association, it also turns in illegal funds even more than the legal funds. Any sport can be gambled on and as long as people are following a type of sport, then some people will be betting on it. It has various forms though and playing instructions such as; Moneyline, In-play betting, second-half bets, head-to-head, teasers and a whole lot more.
  • Lottery: There are two major forms:

Scratch-Offs: The customer will purchase a card and then scratch off some covered spaces to reveal the symbols underneath. If they are able to have a considerable number of matches or uncover a specific symbol, they win a particular amount or they lose if they don’t meet the requirement.

Drawings: This one requires a player to select a series of numbers at random from a given set of integers. After the deadline for the procurement of tickets, a drawing is made and the numbers that win are announced. The player can win based on the number of right picks but it’s always more if he/she picks all the numbers correctly.

Other types of gambling are Poker, Bingo, Mahjong, Raffle tickets.

Gambling is truly as old as life itself and has developed to be a business, a lifestyle and a form of cooling off steam for people. The future does hold a lot more for gambling and there’s surely more to come in the types of gambling as to the ones we have now.

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