Dangers Of Gambling


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Despite the high level of uncertainty, gambling is very much evident and a lot of people still take an active part in it. From the young to the old, no one is left out of the adventure of gambling. People often get to spend all that they have with the hope of hitting the jackpot on a lucky day.

Present Trend

Gambling has taken an amusing trend with the availability of online sports betting. People can now predict the outcomes of various sports matches on their mobile phones with the hope of earning more than they have invested. Gambling is a very addictive act and can be quite difficult to control or stop. Many gamblers often need the assistance of a therapist to break the gambling addiction.

To make it more fascinating, popular faces and brands are used as ambassadors and sponsors to get more people to be interested in it and while gambling is likely to pay, it is also likely to not pay. But for the zeal to just play and win a massive amount compared to the amount of bet placed, a lot of people join this risky adventure knowing that winning is by chance.

Winning is by chance

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No one has accurate details about the certainty of an uncertain issue and so no gambler knows the precise result of a game but they make an assumption that can either be true or false. They make their bets based on their expected earnings then gladly and anxiously await the result of the game or the number on the die.

It might not even yield a positive result the first time, so another trial is imminent and this continues until a slight victory is recorded but a lot of resources will be dumped for a slight victory and only in few instances do winnings come big.

So, what happens when there is no win? Let’s take a look at the dangers of gambling.

Associated Dangers

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As much as there can be positive sides to gambling, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers that are associated with gambling.

  1. Loss of money: This is the major danger of gambling, it is as simple as if you don’t win a bet or gamble; your money is gone. Even with this consciousness, a lot of people are not bothered but it is expedient that this danger is considered before gambling as there will be no refund.
  • Addiction: This is one of the very grave dangers of gambling as a trial can convince a person and then trap the person into not letting go, till it gets to the point of a daily routine and a lifetime activity. “A person who is a compulsive gambler can recover with treatment, but it’s hard sometimes for a person struggling with compulsive gambling to realize they need help,” says Natalia S. David, PsyD. Apart from the fact that a person can spend all of his or her money before the day ends on gambling, it has health problems attached too. It can affect the person psychologically and this will result in the person having to receive treatment. 
  • Debts: Gambling can also make a person go deep down into an ocean of debts as there will be a need to get money to gamble even when there isn’t enough again and there will be a need to borrow from others to pay debts because the gamble or bet did not pay. “Sometimes problem gamblers spend the money that should go to food or rent or heat on their habit and spend more time on gambling than with the kids and spouse who need them.” says Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., a licensed psychologist and marriage and family counselor.
  • Family woes: When there’s a need to spend money on something important, the husband or wife that gambles will impede that and it will result in arguments that can break up a home. The children can also be on the receiving end of the issue as they can be left in the car while their parents gamble at a casino and these will make the child feel forgotten as they won’t have enough time with their parents anymore.  “Because gambling is known to trigger these addiction pathways, it is often considered to be a behavioral addiction – or behavior that can become compulsive over time, causing a lot of harm to people’s lives.” Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I adds.
  • Depression: A lot of things are associated with getting depressed; it could be as a result of losing self-esteem after a losing streak or the feeling of not having enough time to spend with family and attend events because more time will be spent gambling than with the social world. There’s this anxiety that grips gamblers and it’s always there, so when there’s a poor result; there’s a great form of depression.

It is always hard to stop gambling when a very long period has been placed on it. Though some people still get to win and they win big but others are not lucky and it results in terrible things. So, before you take a step towards gambling, take time to also know the dangers because it comes with side effects and you might have been drenched in its guilt before you even realize your existence.

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