Alarming Signs That Your Partner Has Developed Serious Gambling Addiction

Do you have any idea if your partner has ever been to a casino? Or maybe your significant other has already tried playing those online gambling apps even once? Don’t underestimate the addictive nature of this game of chances. 


Gambling addiction can destroy not just your partner but also you and your relationship. Read on and check if the following are the signs you have been noticing lately. 

“Gambling Disorder is characterized by a pattern of compulsive gambling that becomes problematic and leads to the experience of negative consequences in an individual’s life.” –Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I

Your Partner Avoids Talking About Money 

In short, your partner is becoming﷟HYPERLINK “”secretive about where he spends the money. If both of you talked about the sharing of bills, the chances are high that your partner is a problem gambler if he or she has missed more than a month of bill shares. 

Furthermore, a sudden change in the cash flow and mood of your significant other at times can confirm your suspicion. A little bit of investigation may not hurt. Take notice of the credit card bills piling up in the mailbox. 

Your Partner Has Been Borrowing Large Amounts Of Money From You Frequently 

It is possible that your money is being used﷟HYPERLINK “”to fund your partner’s gambling addiction without you knowing. Be wary if he or she promises you a bigger return without being told explicitly where this considerably huge sum would be used and how this ‘larger return’ would happen. It’s okay to give your partner the benefit of the doubt at first, but a second and succeeding borrowing is already too much and should say something. 

“Sometimes problem gamblers spend the money that should go to food or rent or heat on their habit and spend more time on gambling than with the kids and spouse who need them.” –Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D., a licensed psychologist and marriage and family counselor.


 Certain Things Around The House Have Been Disappearing Lately 

Things with high value in particular mysteriously go missing. It can be alarming as material investments, either by your partner or by both of you, can be at risk of being sold off just to satisfy gambling compulsions and cover all the lost funds from this addiction. 

Frequent Mood Shifts 

Change in mood and behavior is inevitable when it comes to gambling. Your partner undeniably looks too upset, uncomfortable, and irritable without apparent reason as soon as he gets home. More often than not, the question of how his day went will also be ignored. 

Notice your partner’s personality shifting from being cheerful and high-spirited to depressed and frustrated. It can affect habits and patterns in sleeping, eating, and even your sexual relationship. 


 Obligations Are Being Ignored And Neglected 

Intense cravings to gamble can make your partner disregard responsibilities at home and work. Canceled date nights and noticeably lesser time together maybe because your partner is ‘chasing losses.’ Your partner begins to lose track of time so he can gamble until all the lost money (from gambling as well) is recovered. 

“A person who is a compulsive gambler can recover with treatment, but it’s hard sometimes for a person struggling with compulsive gambling to realize they need help.” –Natalia S. David, PsyD

If your suspicions all come out to be true, then the best thing for you to do is encourage your partner to try therapy as soon as he is ready. Allow your significant other to open up as reasons for this gambling addiction may stem from underlying problems. Gambling can mask these real personal issues. Your relationship doesn’t need to end as there is a lot of available professional help for your partner and your romance. 

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