Why Can’t You Gamble During Lockdown?

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I am all-praises for massive establishments that have decided to close their business during this pandemic. I refer to everything from malls to resorts to casinos. That is especially true for the latter, considering they have stayed open 24/7 before the coronavirus outbreak. It shows how much they care for their customers and staff members.

What makes me unhappy nowadays, though, is hearing my 88-year-old grandfather complaining about the lack of casinos available in Vegas. He used to gamble every weekend before his retirement, but he has been going to various casinos several times a week after that. No one in the family seemed to want to stop it, given that Grandpa worked so hard to put his kids to school.

I don’t know if it is because of old age, but Grandpa does not understand why there should be a lockdown. It’s not that he is unaware of the death toll; he watches the news with us. He asks me every morning, “Kid, can you check if Golden Nugget, Wynn, or Caesars Palace is already open?” Each time, too, my answer is always, “No, Grandpa, they are not.”

Nonetheless, our family may be lucky because my grandfather is too old to try checking out those establishments alone. In case you have a loved one who does not allow the lockdown to derail their gambling activities, remind them of the following:

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It Can Prevent You From Eating Healthily

Many casinos are incredible, in the sense that they let the players order food and drinks. Everyone needs sustenance to stay through the night, after all. It brings in more profits to the business, too.

However, a lot of the gamblers I know seldom have time to think about healthy meals. Whether they are winning or losing, they compensate for what’s happening by eating comfort foods. E.g., fries, burgers, pizzas, etc. Such a habit tends to lower your immunity, thus keeping you from avoiding the coronavirus.

It Makes You Prone To Sleep Deprivation

One of the reasons why our family takes turns bringing Grandpa to and from his favorite casinos is to ensure that he goes home every night. If it is up to him, he will choose to stay awake for days in front of slot machines or Blackjack tables. But it cannot be ideal for his health—or anyone else’s health, for that matter.

Sleep deprivation can hamper your body’s ability to fight or dodge the coronavirus. It makes you too weak to do anything, to the extent that you may not think of wearing a mask or washing your hands. In the end, your immune system becomes suppressed, and you may get diagnosed with COVID-19.

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It Exposes You To So Many People

Furthermore, gambling entails that you will be playing against at least two individuals. You will touch the same cards or chips that others have already touched. How confident are you that the dealers have time to disinfect each paraphernalia in their station?

There is no way to guarantee the cleanliness of everyone and everything in a casino. That’s why the owners have decided to shut the establishment down temporarily. That’s also why gamblers need to stop doing this activity for the time being.

Final Thoughts

Gambling is almost impossible to remove from a person who has been doing it for decades. Once the pandemic is over, and the casinos open again, I can foresee my grandfather as one of the folks waiting at the entrance. Despite that, try to coax your gambling loved ones to divert their attention to other hobbies while the coronavirus wreaks havoc out there.

Good luck!