Top Apps for Addiction Recovery


The 2017 Los Angeles International Conference on Addictive Disorders and Alcoholism was a platform to promote a variety of cases concerning addiction. Professionals were invited, and each representative had different circumstances and findings that will be used to advance research on better modes of therapy.

Therapy nowadays can be flexible. It is now easier to access helpful and useful tools such as apps to aid in the recovering journey without actual monthly therapy sessions in a clinic. This advantage is a plus for people who are anxious to go to a clinic or lack money for treatment. 


Listed below are top apps for addiction recovery. 

  1. Pear reSET is an app developed by Pear Therapeutics. It is a prescription digital therapeutics company that specializes in producing validated software as tools in helping patients. This app is known for its 12-week program schedule. The program schedule includes engaging lessons along with complementary quizzes to keep the user on track of their progress. (Free App but needs a prescription)
  2. Sober Grid is an app that enables users to create profiles that can be anonymous or not. It allows users to interact and communicate with people who are also in recovery. It is for people who are always traveling because they can check in on a place using a GPS and, at the same time, find other recovering people in the area. (Free App)
  3. Nomo – Sobriety Clock is an app useful for people who want to be tracked and need to track their progress. With the clock function, users can easily mark events during their sobering journey and share it with people like their family, friends, and partner. (Free App)
  4. rTribe is an app that enables users to create anonymous or real profiles. The profiles can be used to communicate with fellow recovering people. With this, the user will feel less alone in the journey. The app can also record the user’s progress, with complete records for a day, relapses and triggers can be traced. Fun fact: former addicts developed it. (Free App)

Technology created a hassle-free option for almost everything. Now is the right time to utilize its function for the better, and that includes health.