Reasons Why You Need To Stop Gambling Right Now



It is definitely an addiction. There is no question about it. The biggest problem why gamblers usually end up in a dumpster is their cold reasoning that justifies why they always need to be on the table. It is a matter of being on their seats during high-risk tussles. Whether it’s poker, blackjack, backgammon or even slot machines, a sense of satisfaction is being pursued by any roller.

“Problem gamblers tend to minimize their problem or deny that their gambling has become uncontrolled.” As explained by Jeremy Frank PhD CADC, a Philadelphia Psychologist & Addiction Counselor. For lots of gamblers, it is about satisfying their kicks. There is an itchiness that needs to be scratched and that manifests on the betting table. The common rationale that gives them an excuse is based on the grounds of entertainment. However, such pretext will always push them to succumb to financial, social, emotional and psychological troubles. If you have a gambling problem, there are essential things that you must know.


Here are some reasons why you need to stop gambling right now:

Casino will ALWAYS WIN.

Primarily, you should know that casinos always get the last laugh. It is not a myth. Justifying your habit is brought about by the casino’s deliberate strategy. Betting shops have a way of making your margin of losing seem very slim. For instance, playing 80 hands per hour with a $25 wager results in a $20 loss for you. You will not feel this, but in the long run your miscalculations will eventually pile up. Damon Dye, EdD, LMHC, NCGC II, BACC explained that people, “They gamble to reach the high. They gamble to escape emotional pain for hours, for days, until the money runs out. They quickly relish the winnings, investing nearly all of it back over the next days and weeks. They slowly destroy their lives. They get caught in the cycle.”

The Odds is NOT ALWAYS at your FAVOR.

Second, you should re-frame your mindset on the table. The most dangerous phrase that you’ll encounter is “You are due for a win.” You don’t manage the odds for and against you ever. Past and future results are not connected. The next time you lay your cards and money down, you should take note that such gamble is independent from the rest of your approaches. A losing streak is never a prelude to a winning stretch.

It will give you a FALSE SENSE of PLEASURE.

Third, you must be aware that your gambling addiction induces a feeling of pleasure. Your joyfulness when you are gambling is more than just about winning. Medical science reveals that the neurotransmitter dopamine gets activated if you become happy. The process unravels during your betting moments. The real addiction is actually right here. Satisfaction kicks in. You are using gambling as an avenue to keep yourself in high spirits especially when you garner big bucks.


Fourth, being addicted to gambling is disastrous to your health.  When your losses mount, your mood swings will only worsen. The bad news is that losing streaks outnumber your winning moments. The end result will be the cultivation of ill feelings, stress, depression and other mental health issues. Negativity will become a habit in the long run. You should never underestimate the effect because it will definitely destroy your health sooner or later.


More than that, gambling will impair your personal life. Your relationship with other people will be gravely affected. It is not common to find individuals separating from their wives or severing their ties with the rest of their families. Betting addiction will trigger you to find money no matter what. At some point, you may end up stealing or selling another person’s cash or property. It will be the price that you will be paying to sustain your habit.



Lastly, there is a need for you to realize that you will join the Casinos’ robbery targets. The welcome smiles and the good words being thrown your way are all part of a scheme to sustain your addiction. Not only will you lose money. It will all be a waste of your precious time. Therefore, understand that “Gambling addiction therapy is highly effective. However, for gambling therapy to be successful, a person needs to acknowledge their compulsive gambling as a problem.” Cami Renzoni, a certified mental health aid provider. said.