Gambling Addiction Therapy – Is There Hope?



Like any other form of disorder, therapy on addiction to gambling has an approach to follow that will eventually rid a person of such a troubling activity. If you are keen in freeing yourself from this kind of self-destruction, you should understand that the procedures involved can be difficult to sustain. Looking at the bigger picture is perhaps the best way to embrace the rehabilitation process. Realizing that small bets will pile up your losses in the future is definitely important.


Here’s a bit about gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is a behavioral problem. It runs on impulse with an individual’s emotional gratification as a primary goal. Initially, being around the table can be sort of keeping yourself happy and preoccupied. “A person who has a gambling addiction is a person who is unable to regulate their gambling. They spend more money and more time on gambling than they originally intended.” Aaron Sternlicht, LMHC, CASAC  explains. So as you begin to enjoy what you are doing, the toll will eventually hit you heavily. Small wagers will get blown out of proportion sooner or later.

Start the road to recovery on your gambling addiction.

The road to recovery from your gambling habit essentially starts with you. Jeremy Frank, PhD, CAC used to say, “They might be recognizing the ways in which your gambling is affecting you before you are. The sooner you seek help and treatment, the less damage to your finances, relationships, and work you will have to repair.” There is no other way around it. Although family and friends have a lot to do in supporting you all the way, it is still up to you if you want to eliminate a turmoil that will likely break you down financially, physically and socially.


“Compulsive gambling is a serious addiction that can cause severe consequences.”  Natalia S. David, PsyD. said. A compulsive gambler will lose his money, his mind, his life – everything!

It is vital that you get the facts about what it’s like to be a compulsive gambler. If you think you can manage your betting losses, you definitely have trouble denying your predicament. It is not only money that is involved here. Even if you have lots of cash to throw on the table, there are other aspects that will bring you down eventually. Self-pity, anger and other negative feelings will hound you.

You have to begin the healing process on your gambling addiction.

If you want to get treated, your preparation approach must begin from within. Along the line, control is a big attribute to deal with, but it is the only element needed to settle down on your gambling addiction. You need to institute a stronger mindset. Instead of increasing your bets, you have to trim the amount down until your gambling losses will fizzle out onwards.

Gambling addiction can be curbed by therapy.

Of course, controlling your gambling habits is easier said than done. Still, a strong perspective is worth reinforcing. That is when you need assistance from the outside. Although you are more than capable of doing the therapy on your own, chances towards recovery is greater with a therapist around. Gambling addiction is like substance abuse. There is no immediate solution to let you stay away from the destructive process.

The therapist will assist you on curbing your gambling addiction.

Considering that the recovery approach is a step-by-step procedure, having a therapist by your side can be compared to being guided along the way. You are on the road to behavioral modification. While your inner self slowly confronts your addiction, the therapy program will strengthen your will to absolutely eliminate the negative repercussions and inhibitions.

Choosing the right gambling addiction therapist will determine your success.

It is also essential for you to understand that hiring the right therapist is as vital as your will to recuperate from your betting troubles. Behavior counselors or disorder doctors have special attributes that effectively fits into your procedural program. A general physician, while helpful, may not be able to correct your addictive actions. You need a specialist. Considering that your predicament is both mental and psychological, your chances of recovery will be higher if you will also undergo psychiatric treatments.