Gambling Addiction In Women



When it comes to gambling habits, it’s a different case for the ladies. Women are more likely to spiral out of control when their betting problems surge on. This is the predicament that most female players on the table are facing. Although both sexes have trouble controlling this kind of obsession, it is the individuals in skirts who have the difficulty of mapping out ways of ending their personal turmoil.

Addiction to gambling by women is fast becoming a stressful issue on the side. This means that more and more ladies are playing the odds online and the traditional way. This also means that related repercussions down the road is brewing. As Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I explains, “Because gambling is known to trigger these addiction pathways, it is often considered to be a behavioral addiction – or behavior that can become compulsive over time, causing a lot of harm to people’s lives.”

Based on the British Gambling Prevalence Survey in 2010, the number of women addicted to betting games is gradually increasing. A 0.1 percent increase has been observed in the UK population. While the figure is quite minimal, the impact of this problem in the society can be dangerous in the future. What we are looking here are the complications of behavioral obsession, not just in the UK, but also in other online-betting-prone countries worldwide.

What is being tackled here are two elements. One focuses on the effects of online gambling. The second element points out to the perceived betting promotion which entices the female population to play. This growing predicament cannot be denied considering that back in 2013, a free website focused on problem gambling has shared that half of their lady callers unraveled their dilemma about gambling on the web. Many are now very concerned about the advertising approach of online gambling on women.


Women gamble for pleasure.

Although men are more inclined to bet in order to accumulate more money, it is a bit different with ladies. Gambling addiction among female players is more about unwinding. There is no intention to self-destruct here. Matters transpire because women are keen that they can do it too. They do it because they know that they can overcome the odds.

Women gamble to escape their boring life.

“Addiction is progressive and, like a shark, stays hungry and keeps moving,” says Darren Haber, PsyD, MFT. Along this line, we also have to take into consideration that lots of ladies have boring lives. Whether they are balancing domestic chores or pursuing employment careers, the real point in their gambling addiction is to find that new feeling which electrifies or reinvigorates them. This is what online betting provides. Playing on the web saves them the trouble of being maligned in person when they go to real casinos.

Women gamble to win and feel liberated.

Winning against the odds provides women that fleeting feeling. Their moods change and they are more likely to continue with what they are doing online. By gambling, they bolster their self-worth and find acceptance online.

Women addicted to gambling find it as a stress-release.

In addition, the connectivity of women to online betting is also a release. It is some sort of escape route. Judging from stressful complications related to their relationships at home or at work, ladies will likely opt in for outlets to unload their troubles. Jeremy Frank, PhD, CAC used to say that “A person may use gambling as an unhealthy way to cope.” Engaging in poker, blackjack or any other card games on the internet is one way of covering up their problematic days. 


The sad fact about gambling addiction in women…

What makes this phase perilous is the fact that time and finances get wasted unknowingly. Ladies often lose sight of what’s ahead. They see gambling as an avenue to save face or to boost their self-esteem. By the time their debts have piled up, the addiction have blown off the lid.