Why Gambling Can Destroy Your Marriage

In any marriage, you face some hurdles along the way. However, some barriers become big obstacles, and they even tend to get in the way of your marriage. Gambling, for example, has been one of the leading causes of marital problems. 

“Couples often feel that they know and understand their partner, and are compatible on most issues. However, this is a mistake.” –Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC

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In fact, gambling increases the likelihood of divorces, because it makes the person who gambles a financial burden. At the same time, partners who gamble may tend to deceive their other half as well as their family, at the expense of getting additional money for their gambling addiction. 

“Compulsive gambling is a serious addiction that can cause severe consequences.” Natalia S. David, PsyD explains. Because of this, the family’s financial status worsens, which forces the other half to carry all the burden by himself or herself. However, how can you control the occasional gambling? Moreover, when would you know that it is already destroying you and your marriage? 

When Is Gambling An Addiction? 

Gambling is any betting or staking that have either zero or high gains. A gambler is conscious that the outcomes may not be in his or her favor. However, he or she still hopes to gain something in the end. Gambling also comes in different forms, such as horse racing, poker, slot machines, and even lottery. However, some types of gambling are riskier than others because some of them face the issue of legality in most countries. 

To know if you are already experiencing gambling addiction, you may notice that you find it hard to resist your impulse in quitting a new round of the game. You get excited every time you gamble, and you anticipate that you can win back everything you lost if you join the next game. However, this can lead to a series of unfortunate decisions, like getting bad loans, using assets as collateral, and so much more. 

How To Stop Gambling Before It Ruins Your Marriage 

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Quitting any addiction is a hard thing to face, and gambling is no different from that. You may find yourself relapsing at some point, but stopping is not as impossible as you think. For any addiction, the first thing that you can do is to decide that you want to stop for good. It is not only for the sake of your marriage but also for your welfare. 

The next step is to undergo therapies with your doctor. Make sure that you include your partner in the sessions, as they can provide the support that you would need at this time. As for the partner without the gambling problems, it is best to give support to your partner since this time will be a critical period of their recovery. 

“Online care is not for every patient or practitioner. Clients with more serious mental illnesses or addictions likely need more treatment than digital therapy can provide. And some clinicians may find certain telehealth modalities difficult,” –Nina Barlevy, PsyD.

It may mean extending a little more of your patience, understanding, and love for them. Spend more time with them, and make sure that you go with them in their therapy sessions. It will not just help your partner finally quit their gambling addiction, but as well as improve your overall relationship with them. It can renew the trust once broken, and even rekindle the flames of your love for them. 

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