Reasons Why You Need To Stop Gambling Right Now



It is definitely an addiction. There is no question about it. The biggest problem why gamblers usually end up in a dumpster is their cold reasoning that justifies why they always need to be on the table. It is a matter of being on their seats during high-risk tussles. Whether it’s poker, blackjack, backgammon or even slot machines, a sense of satisfaction is being pursued by any roller.

“Problem gamblers tend to minimize their problem or deny that their gambling has become uncontrolled.” As explained by Jeremy Frank PhD CADC, a Philadelphia Psychologist & Addiction Counselor. For lots of gamblers, it is about satisfying their kicks. There is an itchiness that needs to be scratched and that manifests on the betting table. The common rationale that gives them an excuse is based on the grounds of entertainment. However, such pretext will always push them to succumb to financial, social, emotional and psychological troubles. If you have a gambling problem, there are essential things that you must know.


Here are some reasons why you need to stop gambling right now:

Casino will ALWAYS WIN.

Primarily, you should know that casinos always get the last laugh. It is not a myth. Justifying your habit is brought about by the casino’s deliberate strategy. Betting shops have a way of making your margin of losing seem very slim. For instance, playing 80 hands per hour with a $25 wager results in a $20 loss for you. You will not feel this, but in the long run your miscalculations will eventually pile up. Damon Dye, EdD, LMHC, NCGC II, BACC explained that people, “They gamble to reach the high. They gamble to escape emotional pain for hours, for days, until the money runs out. They quickly relish the winnings, investing nearly all of it back over the next days and weeks. They slowly destroy their lives. They get caught in the cycle.”

The Odds is NOT ALWAYS at your FAVOR.

Second, you should re-frame your mindset on the table. The most dangerous phrase that you’ll encounter is “You are due for a win.” You don’t manage the odds for and against you ever. Past and future results are not connected. The next time you lay your cards and money down, you should take note that such gamble is independent from the rest of your approaches. A losing streak is never a prelude to a winning stretch.

It will give you a FALSE SENSE of PLEASURE.

Third, you must be aware that your gambling addiction induces a feeling of pleasure. Your joyfulness when you are gambling is more than just about winning. Medical science reveals that the neurotransmitter dopamine gets activated if you become happy. The process unravels during your betting moments. The real addiction is actually right here. Satisfaction kicks in. You are using gambling as an avenue to keep yourself in high spirits especially when you garner big bucks.


Fourth, being addicted to gambling is disastrous to your health.  When your losses mount, your mood swings will only worsen. The bad news is that losing streaks outnumber your winning moments. The end result will be the cultivation of ill feelings, stress, depression and other mental health issues. Negativity will become a habit in the long run. You should never underestimate the effect because it will definitely destroy your health sooner or later.


More than that, gambling will impair your personal life. Your relationship with other people will be gravely affected. It is not common to find individuals separating from their wives or severing their ties with the rest of their families. Betting addiction will trigger you to find money no matter what. At some point, you may end up stealing or selling another person’s cash or property. It will be the price that you will be paying to sustain your habit.



Lastly, there is a need for you to realize that you will join the Casinos’ robbery targets. The welcome smiles and the good words being thrown your way are all part of a scheme to sustain your addiction. Not only will you lose money. It will all be a waste of your precious time. Therefore, understand that “Gambling addiction therapy is highly effective. However, for gambling therapy to be successful, a person needs to acknowledge their compulsive gambling as a problem.” Cami Renzoni, a certified mental health aid provider. said.

Gambling Addiction Therapy – Is There Hope?



Like any other form of disorder, therapy on addiction to gambling has an approach to follow that will eventually rid a person of such a troubling activity. If you are keen in freeing yourself from this kind of self-destruction, you should understand that the procedures involved can be difficult to sustain. Looking at the bigger picture is perhaps the best way to embrace the rehabilitation process. Realizing that small bets will pile up your losses in the future is definitely important.


Here’s a bit about gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction is a behavioral problem. It runs on impulse with an individual’s emotional gratification as a primary goal. Initially, being around the table can be sort of keeping yourself happy and preoccupied. “A person who has a gambling addiction is a person who is unable to regulate their gambling. They spend more money and more time on gambling than they originally intended.” Aaron Sternlicht, LMHC, CASAC  explains. So as you begin to enjoy what you are doing, the toll will eventually hit you heavily. Small wagers will get blown out of proportion sooner or later.

Start the road to recovery on your gambling addiction.

The road to recovery from your gambling habit essentially starts with you. Jeremy Frank, PhD, CAC used to say, “They might be recognizing the ways in which your gambling is affecting you before you are. The sooner you seek help and treatment, the less damage to your finances, relationships, and work you will have to repair.” There is no other way around it. Although family and friends have a lot to do in supporting you all the way, it is still up to you if you want to eliminate a turmoil that will likely break you down financially, physically and socially.


“Compulsive gambling is a serious addiction that can cause severe consequences.”  Natalia S. David, PsyD. said. A compulsive gambler will lose his money, his mind, his life – everything!

It is vital that you get the facts about what it’s like to be a compulsive gambler. If you think you can manage your betting losses, you definitely have trouble denying your predicament. It is not only money that is involved here. Even if you have lots of cash to throw on the table, there are other aspects that will bring you down eventually. Self-pity, anger and other negative feelings will hound you.

You have to begin the healing process on your gambling addiction.

If you want to get treated, your preparation approach must begin from within. Along the line, control is a big attribute to deal with, but it is the only element needed to settle down on your gambling addiction. You need to institute a stronger mindset. Instead of increasing your bets, you have to trim the amount down until your gambling losses will fizzle out onwards.

Gambling addiction can be curbed by therapy.

Of course, controlling your gambling habits is easier said than done. Still, a strong perspective is worth reinforcing. That is when you need assistance from the outside. Although you are more than capable of doing the therapy on your own, chances towards recovery is greater with a therapist around. Gambling addiction is like substance abuse. There is no immediate solution to let you stay away from the destructive process.

The therapist will assist you on curbing your gambling addiction.

Considering that the recovery approach is a step-by-step procedure, having a therapist by your side can be compared to being guided along the way. You are on the road to behavioral modification. While your inner self slowly confronts your addiction, the therapy program will strengthen your will to absolutely eliminate the negative repercussions and inhibitions.

Choosing the right gambling addiction therapist will determine your success.

It is also essential for you to understand that hiring the right therapist is as vital as your will to recuperate from your betting troubles. Behavior counselors or disorder doctors have special attributes that effectively fits into your procedural program. A general physician, while helpful, may not be able to correct your addictive actions. You need a specialist. Considering that your predicament is both mental and psychological, your chances of recovery will be higher if you will also undergo psychiatric treatments.

Gambling Addiction In Women



When it comes to gambling habits, it’s a different case for the ladies. Women are more likely to spiral out of control when their betting problems surge on. This is the predicament that most female players on the table are facing. Although both sexes have trouble controlling this kind of obsession, it is the individuals in skirts who have the difficulty of mapping out ways of ending their personal turmoil.

Addiction to gambling by women is fast becoming a stressful issue on the side. This means that more and more ladies are playing the odds online and the traditional way. This also means that related repercussions down the road is brewing. As Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I explains, “Because gambling is known to trigger these addiction pathways, it is often considered to be a behavioral addiction – or behavior that can become compulsive over time, causing a lot of harm to people’s lives.”

Based on the British Gambling Prevalence Survey in 2010, the number of women addicted to betting games is gradually increasing. A 0.1 percent increase has been observed in the UK population. While the figure is quite minimal, the impact of this problem in the society can be dangerous in the future. What we are looking here are the complications of behavioral obsession, not just in the UK, but also in other online-betting-prone countries worldwide.

What is being tackled here are two elements. One focuses on the effects of online gambling. The second element points out to the perceived betting promotion which entices the female population to play. This growing predicament cannot be denied considering that back in 2013, a free website focused on problem gambling has shared that half of their lady callers unraveled their dilemma about gambling on the web. Many are now very concerned about the advertising approach of online gambling on women.


Women gamble for pleasure.

Although men are more inclined to bet in order to accumulate more money, it is a bit different with ladies. Gambling addiction among female players is more about unwinding. There is no intention to self-destruct here. Matters transpire because women are keen that they can do it too. They do it because they know that they can overcome the odds.

Women gamble to escape their boring life.

“Addiction is progressive and, like a shark, stays hungry and keeps moving,” says Darren Haber, PsyD, MFT. Along this line, we also have to take into consideration that lots of ladies have boring lives. Whether they are balancing domestic chores or pursuing employment careers, the real point in their gambling addiction is to find that new feeling which electrifies or reinvigorates them. This is what online betting provides. Playing on the web saves them the trouble of being maligned in person when they go to real casinos.

Women gamble to win and feel liberated.

Winning against the odds provides women that fleeting feeling. Their moods change and they are more likely to continue with what they are doing online. By gambling, they bolster their self-worth and find acceptance online.

Women addicted to gambling find it as a stress-release.

In addition, the connectivity of women to online betting is also a release. It is some sort of escape route. Judging from stressful complications related to their relationships at home or at work, ladies will likely opt in for outlets to unload their troubles. Jeremy Frank, PhD, CAC used to say that “A person may use gambling as an unhealthy way to cope.” Engaging in poker, blackjack or any other card games on the internet is one way of covering up their problematic days. 


The sad fact about gambling addiction in women…

What makes this phase perilous is the fact that time and finances get wasted unknowingly. Ladies often lose sight of what’s ahead. They see gambling as an avenue to save face or to boost their self-esteem. By the time their debts have piled up, the addiction have blown off the lid.

Am I Enabling My Spouse’s Gambling Addiction?



If you have someone in your family or somebody you know that is neck-deep into betting troubles, do not condemn these people. Gambling addiction is not something that you can wade into and get off quite easily. Although, there are persons who have the willpower to withstand their disturbing situation, most of those who have engaged in this kind of predicament have a hard time coping up.

Downplaying the Gambler’s Ways


The most common approach that families do when dealing with a member that has a betting habit is to deny or downplay the situation. If you think that the whole scenario is not difficult to deal with, then, you better think again. It is easy to say that you can talk your wife or your father to stop going to casinos or engage in online poker.

While your conversations with them will have an impact, chances are high that they will renege on their promises to stop. Your countless scoldings will not definitely work since you have not dealt with the real problem. This is a behavioral disorder and words are not enough to break their addiction.

Because the gambling inhibitions keep on hounding you and your family, the usual step that most people do is to keep the situation under low profile. When friends and relatives inquire about the troubles of one of your family members, your answer tend to downplay the incidents that he or she is involved in. However, you must realize that by doing such, you are only aggravating the situation. That is bacause “A person who is a compulsive gambler can recover with treatment, but it’s hard sometimes for a person struggling with compulsive gambling to realize they need help.” Natalia S. David, PsyD. said.

If your husband or wife keeps taking the time off from work or if they spend more money that you expect them to splurge, you will soon get blown by the setbacks that they are making. It is painful to see you doing their duties and responsibilities while living on as if nothing has happened. Debts and other repercussions that they incur will also knock you off in no time.

Wanting to Control the Gambler’s Behavior

You must realize that it is a long climb for any individual who has a gambling addiction. Although your support is actually needed, this does not mean that you take the initiative to turn their lives around. If there is one thing that you must know within this context, it is the fact that you are dealing with fellow human beings.

They have lives of their own. Controlling them will be detrimental to their road to recovery. The best that you can do is to be with them during their days in the dark pit. Your support is definitely needed but you have to seek professional assistance in order to make the rehabilitation process effective and complete. Remember, “Admitting you have a problem is the first step in treating your addiction. However, due to the nature and the danger of this disease, simply just stopping on your own is highly unadvisable.” Dr. Howard Samuels, PsyD. explains. 


Joining the Gambler

Indulging in the wants of a gambler can be quite perilous. However, it is another way of making the offender realize that something is off. If you join your wife or husband in playing blackjack and other card games, the approach can be an eye-opener for them as a gambling addict. Still, the step can justify your spouse’s behavior which is why directly confronting the problem is the best way. You need to rally your family and friends to urge him or her to seek professional help. Because psychiatrist Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones says, “If people were able to say ‘I am a problem gambler’ in the same way that they say ‘I am an alcoholic’ then it would protect them.”